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Service Commitments

I. Product Standard

1. Enterprise Standard: Q/SH196 04-2006;

2. Technical Specification signed between parties.

II. Quality Commitment

We make a commitment that our products, within China, are guaranteed for one year since the ex-factory date. Under warranty, any costs arising from maintenance or replacement due to inferior product quality will be borne by Tongfei Refrigeration, who will provide paid technical services after warranty.

III. After-sales Service Commitments                    

1. For any new clients, technical communications are necessary. Besides, Tongfei offers to provide comprehensive trainings for their operators and inspectors. As a result, they can master installation, operation and maintenance instructions to better use the devices. In case of customized models (first-time used), Tongfei is responsible for on-site installation, commissioning and training.

2. Our logistics division can always ensure timely and safe delivery and transportation.

3. Timely Services: Upon getting a call for repair, the After-sales Service Department should communicate with the client by telephone within 2 hours. If the technical engineer fails to identify fault causes and troubleshooting by telephone, a technician should be promptly dispatched to the scene for troubleshooting.

4. Arrive on the scene quickly: In case of less than 1,000 km, technicians should arrive on the scene within 24 hours; in case of over 1,000 km, technicians should arrive on the scene within 48-72 hours. In special cases, technicians should communicate promptly with the client about the exact arrival time.

5. After-sales technicians must be neatly dressed, friendly and warm-hearted. Upon maintenance, the technicians must make sure the work site is tidy and clean.

6. When the service is provided, please complete the Equipment Maintenance Receipt or Equipment Installation and Commissioning Receipt. For any faults due to inferior product quality, maintenance is free of charge only when the product is under warranty. If a fault is caused by improper installation, carrying and use on the part of the client, the technician should fill the Maintenance Receipt with signature of both parties before charging fees in accordance with company regulations

7. After-sales technicians cannot claim properties from the client for any reason.

8. It is necessary for the After-sales Service Department to arrange technicians to pay a (return) visit to major clients at least once a year, so that they can solicit suggestions from clients to improve products.

9.If the chiller, with unknown nameplate or manufacturing number, is not under warranty, maintenance costs shall be borne by the client. 

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