Solution to laser cooling

1. Model selection: laser heating value is calculated according to photoelectric conversion efficiency of the laser
Calculation formula: P (Heat) = P (Laser) ·(1-η)/η
P (Heat): Heating value of the laser (W)  

P (Laser): Laser input power (W)  

η: photoelectric conversion efficiency of the laser (%), depending on different lasers

Value range of carbon dioxide lasers: 8-10 
Value range of solid-state lasers:    2-3  

Value range of semi-conductor lasers:  20-30  

Value range of fiber lasers: 20-30  

e.g.: For a carbon dioxide laser, the output power  is 2000W and photoelectric conversion efficiency is 8.5%, then heating value can be calculated as:
2000 x1-8.5%)÷8.5%=2000x10.8 21530W 
Cooling capacity of water chiller should be greater than the laser heating power. As a result, you can select MCWL-250DT.  

2. Schematic Diagram


Note: Water chiller for laser should be used in a well-ventilated place without dust and corrosive gas. Do not place any sundries around the chiller. 

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